At work my desk is by a window.
The window looks onto the outside parking lot.
Beyond the parking lot are railroad tracks.
On the other side of the railroad tracks is the railway yard.

There's a lot of discarded junk sitting in the railway yard.

Including these giant spools. They kind of look like the old wooden thread spools.

The other day I was staring out my window wondering what they put on them. I realized it was probably cable of some kind. Then I started picturing how the cable got onto and off of the spools. I imagined the huge machinery that would have to twirl the spools while another machine fed the cable onto the spool (because obviously robots do it, it couldn't possibly be done by people right?)

Then I twirled my chair around to do some more work and thought about how grateful I was to have grown up in a time with Mr. Rogers. Because his little trips with Mr. McFeely through the spools of film that were speedily delivered got me looking at things wondering how they got to be where and how they were.

I don't know if I'm right about these spools. But it was a fun little moment during a otherwise mostly dull day.

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Pete said...

I totally had one of those on my patio of one of my apartments in Michigan. I don't know where it came from but I would often stare at it and wonder what the story was behind it.