Basket Case

I am in no state to say anything.
Nothing terribly dramatic happening. Just the same old same old. I see what's happening and I feel helpless to stop it, helpless to stop myself.
I'm sure it will pass, in fact I know it will. But, I'm still sort of a basket case.
I don't want to talk about it to you
I'm not an open book that you can rifle through
The cold hard truth that you'll see right to
I'm just basket case without you

I'm just a basket case and that's what we do

You're begging for the truth
So I'm saying it to you
I've been saving your place
And what good does it do?
Now I'm just a basket case

Won't somebody come on in and tug at my seams?
Oh, send your armies in of robbers and thieves
To steal the state I'm in I don't want it anymore
Sarah Bareilles - Basket Case 

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