Here on Earth

After reading The Blue Diary I knew I needed to locate and devour all the books by Alice Hoffman. Next on the list was Here on Earth.
I was not disappointed.

From the cover:
After nearly twenty years of living in California, March Murray, along with her fifteen-year-old daughter, Gwen, returns to the small Massachusetts town where she grew up, to attend the funeral of Judith Dale, the beloved housekeeper who raised her. Thrust into the world of her past, March slowly realizes the complexity of the choices made by those around her, including Mrs. Dale, who knew more of love than March could have ever suspected; Alan, the brother whose tragic history has left him grief-stricken, with alcohol his only solace; and Hollis, the boy she loved, the man she can't seem to stay away from.
I couldn't quite figure out what it was about the story of March and Hollis that disturbed me so much. It was dreadful (as in full of dread) because it was so consuming. It consumed everything and everyone in it's path. It reminded me a lot of Twilight honestly, except without the whole vampire coven...
I was quite disturbed by that book series as well.
The book is good, the writing is well done but I remain disturbed by a relationship so obsessive and compulsive it leaves no oxygen for the rest of the world.

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