White Out Tape

I've told you before about the first date where I told the fella turtles could breathe out of their butt.
But here's how we flirted.

We worked for the same bank and I would talk to him in my "boy voice" (see high pitched and breathy with a lot of unnecessary giggling) and my co-workers would make fun of me.
Well, one day he was talking about how his white out tape was broken and he was trying to fix it.
What is white out tape? I couldn't figure it out. I would ask him and he would describe it but I couldn't figure it out.

I would usually bring it up when I didn't know what else to say and it would keep the conversation going (I'm a nerd, I get it.)

Then one day I received an inter-office envelope. This wasn't unusual I got them a lot as part of my job. But I opened it and out fell 4 packs of white out tape.

There was also a lovely note about white out tape and all sorts of other things. I of course had to reply and agonized over it for a ridiculously long time before I could sent the reply email.

I mean, a relationship based on a mutual admiration of white out tape...how could it have gone so horribly wrong?
So even though I talked about poop and tutles butts on our date I still think of him and smile when I see white out tape...which is often, I work in an office.


Pete said...

I love this story. It speaks volumes about you and all the reasons I enjoy this blog....oh and living with you.


Anonymous said...

But tell the truth: you are a whiz with numbers, right? See you aren't all a nerd. Suzi, who's good at words and descriptions but fall flat at numbers. And if there was hope for me...Suzi.