Left Foot

In February of 1998 I had a boyfriend, my dad was in India and it was the day before Valentine's Day.
Some friends came over to hang out since I was home from college for the weekend and we decided to go out to shop and buy my boyfriend a gift.
As we were leaving my mom came to the door and asked me a question. I can't remember what it was, but I paused on the threshold talking to her.
For absolutely no reason my left foot turned out from under me and fell off the doorstep onto the front porch. I lost my balance and fell with my bottom landing on the inside of my foot and crunching the outside.

I just sat there shocked and slightly nauseous because my foot hurt.
But my mom said it was probably just a sprain and to shake it off. I had never broken anything before and it wasn't terrible so I figured she was probably right. I did still need a gift for boyfriend so I hobbled to the car, got in and drove to the neighboring town with my friends.

Three hours and many many shops and food places later we were in Dairy Queen and I was feeling really nauseous and in a lot more pain. I told them I needed to go home because my sprained foot really hurt.
Home I went. To sleep I went.
When I woke up the next morning I went into the kitchen and told my mom about my foot. I sat down, she called our neighbor who was (and is) a physical therapist. He said to soak it in ice ice ice cold water. I removed my sock, we both gasped at my now black foot that swelled to twice its size in front of our eyes.

After an hour of water torture, I mean I was fairly certain I was going to pass out, the neighbor said it might be broken and I should go to the hospital.
My mom was anxious, because my dad was scheduled to come home that day and he had been gone for nearly a month. I'm fairly certain it was the longest they'd been separated the whole time they'd been married.
But off the the ER we go. We had to wait for the x-ray, then we got the x-ray. We weren't getting it read there, we were going to some dudes house (the one with the hot son) so he could read it later.
However, it was getting late and my mom needed to go get ready to pick my dad up from the airport. So she left me at the hospital popping wheelies in a deserted hallway.
Ok, not exactly. She called my Gma and told her I would be waiting in the ER waiting room for her to pick me up and take me home.

Home I went and when mom was done getting ready she ran me to the doctors house who said, yep, it's broken and either wrote me a prescription for an air cast or just told us to go to a local pharmacy/medical supply store and buy one.
An hour later I was home and mom was jetting off to the airport.

It took my foot almost 5 months to heal because what was probably just a hairline fracture became a complete break thanks to my walking around on it (and maybe going to boyfriends junior (yes junior, I liked em young) prom in heals without my air cast). But finally, FINALLY after 5 long months I was able to be completely free of the air cast and walk around like a normal person.
For at least another month or so......

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