Tooth Brushes (Teeth Brushes?)

I was driving back from lunch today and a commercial for Reach Tooth Brushes came on the radio.
They ended with some disclaimers. Which brought up some questions for me and also A LOT of my toothbrush weirdo habits.

They said, be sure to rinse your tooth brush thoroughly after brushing to ensure all the toothpaste has washed out.
Question: WHO DOESN'T DO THIS?!!?

They said to store your tooth brush in the upright position so it will dry out completely.
Question: Dooooo toothbrushes not dry when place in other positions?

They strongly suggested replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.
Question: How long do some people use their toothbrushes normally?

I was so creeped out by the first statement that I began to mentally review my toothbrush hygiene regimes.

My toothbrush has to be in an enclosed cabinet but not touching aforementioned cabinet. I usually balance it on the tube of toothpaste, always the same side of the toothbrush tube so the brush doesn't touch anything that touched anything besides my hands, which are washed before handling toothbrush and/or toothpaste.

Don't even THINK about flushing the toilet with the seat up while my toothbrush is out of the enclosed cabinet. I imagine little poop particles rocketing through the air and adhering themselves to my brush :shudder:

If my tooth brush bristles even hint at touching anything that isn't the tube of toothpaste, my teeth or my freshly washed hands it's getting pitched. Period.
I still gag at the memory of dropping my toothbrush on the bathroom floor at work. Just the thought that anyone would rinse it off and put it back in their mouth.... :shudder:

I do probably stick with the about 3 month switch theory though. Unless of course, the bristles touch something.
Having said all this, I think I'll go brush my teeth...it just feels like the right thing to do.

Do you have any weird toothbrush/toothpaste habits? Do you patently disagree with any of mine?

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Pete said...

I'm not nearly to the extreme of yours. I will reuse a toothbrush if it's dropped on my own floor, never someone else's. My brush remains out in the open on the cabinet and I use them probably longer than I should.

I think my current brush has been with me for about a year, I know it's time for a new one, but I just get so used to it I hate to start all over. lol. Story of my life. lol.