Good Things: May

May 1- Got to use my kitchen aid mixer to make muffins for Muffin Sunday at church. I also ate fresh from the oven chocolate chip muffins and almost died of happiness.

May 2- Muffin Sunday at church, it was a lot of fun and super delicious!

May 3- Had a landscape guy come help me make plans for my back yard sand pit. It was fun dreaming and I'm excited to see what might come of it.

May 4- LOST!

May 5- Today was my Friday but everyone elses Wednesday!

May 6- Arrived in Gatlinburg. Quick but really awesome conversation with a friend and I played Settlers of Catan for the first time ever. Why didn't anyone tell me this game was awesome?

May 7- I didn't make a single decision other than what to wear today. That is a huge deal to me. Also, I walked around the Smokey National Park and had some hilarious conversations with friends in Gatlinburg

May 8- Sleeping in my own bed again after 2 nights in a super uncomfortable bed

May 9- Happy Mother's Day. I spent time with my mom and talked on stage at church about Washington Project without throwing up or feeling completely ridiculous. It's like I'm growing as a person or something.

May 10- Super laid back day at work after a 4 day weekend because I was so caught up when I left. That is always awesome.

May 11- I worked out with FT and did some amazing abductors and aducters. I couldn't walk for a few days but it felt great in the moment!

May 12- HappyBirthday Sharen! Red Robin (yum) and singing silly wedgie songs with Matthew

May 13- I made a daily to do list, that I have yet to do, to help keep things more organized around the house. It makes me feel more organized just looking at it.

May 14- I did nothing and I mean NOTHING after work. Well, I watched a Harry Potter movie (or 2)

May 15- City wide garage sales with Sharen and the kids followed by a 50's BBQ at Alaina's where I dressed in a poodle skirt! I also wore red lipstick for the first time ever.

May 16- I finally painted the base board and trim for the hall bath, now it's time to install it. The end is in sight!

May 17- Hilarious conversation on FB about a clarinet trio playing on stage. Any day I can mention my sweatshirt with neon colored clarinets on it is a great day!

May 18- Dinner and giggling with Alexis and then LOST! Only one episode left, I can't believe it's almost over...

May 19- Settlers of Catan with Alaina! Why didn't anyone ever tell me about this game before a few weeks ago?

May 20- 30 Rock finale. I think that my friend Stephanie looks like Tina Fey and I love them both. "Sometimes love is weird....and gross" Drunk Kenneth making me smoker laugh was the awesomesauce.

May 21-I was done with my work by noon. I rounded out the night with dogsitting and watching Conan the Barbarian

May 22- I took a deep and luxurious nap today and it was totally unplanned and completely welcome

May 23- LOST finale! Sharen and I watched it at her house with nachos, beer and brownie bites. I'm sad to see it go but was overall happy with the ending.

May 24- Washington Project meeting. I love the people I get to lead Washington Project with, it totally jazzes me up. Plus, we're planned practically through October!

May 25- I ditched the trainer and detailed my car...it is so clean now! Also, Biggest Loser finale and yummy dinner that is also healthy!

May 26 - I started using a new sulfate free shampoo and conditioner this morning. It smells AMAZING and my hair is poofy and not so flat looking!

May 27- Sex and the City 2 with some awesome ladies (including my seester!)

May 28- Long drive with a patient 5 year old and then a campfire with Pete and some friends. I went 4wheeling and didn't die but was covered in dirt and it took 30 minutes to comb the knots out of my head. It was a lot of fun.

May 29- Hanging with 2 of my favorite people, Nicole and my gentleman friend Jerry. Love those guys so much. Also a graduation party where I went in not knowing anyone and leaving with my cheeks aching from laughing and smiling so much

May 30- Packing with Pete, Campus Polleyeyes for dinner and sleeping in an actual bed

May 31- Home again finally! Clean sheet night and a good old fashioned nap

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Kari said...

Drunk Kenneth should have been my good thing. I forgot about that. So awesome.