Going Home

I drove to my hometown today feeling uncharacteristically nostalgic for the small town life.
Because let's be honest I need to slow down. This frenetic pace I maintain is just not maintainable. I feel pangs for the slow life.
I met 2 of my favorite people and we had lunch, wandered around a park and just relaxed. Then Nicole and I went on a tour of my hometown. Looking at the homes, the places, the memories, I felt again that twinge of nostalgia.

That was the house Alaina and I bought the Easy Bake Oven from; there's the house we spun the car in front of and hit the mail box. This is the house I fell in love, ridiculously and obsessively in love in; there is the store where the moment that split my life in two happened. Here's my childhood home, there's the high school I couldn't wait to get away from. There's the intersection my mom had her accident, the apartment I first saw her after all that insane drama. There's the church I grew up in and the place I where I was the stupid weird girl.

It was all so nostalgic. The good and the bad all collided together for this lukewarm indifference that wasn't altogether that bad.
I curled up on Nicole's sofa and felt the breeze through the windows and smelled that fresh non-city air and smiled.

Then it was time to go back to Napoleon where I was staying with Pete. So I pulled out of Nicole's driveway savoring the last few moments of small town life, realizing that I could escape there but I would never be able to live there (well by never I mean in the foreseeable future)
I missed my turn and ended up taking a 2 block detour. I stop at the light, I turn to the left day dreaming about how much I love my little put together life in Cincinnati when I see him.


I knew I was getting pulled over; and I did.
:sigh: I mean I was speeding so I know I earned the ticket but crapcrapcrapcrapcrap.
Thank you hometown USA. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I find it hysterically ironic that you drive at sometimes insane speeds on the freeway, and end up getting a ticket in town...

Personally, the nostalgia isn't as strong since they decided slopes and hills are evil and started putting retaining walls in everyone's yards.

Not that I'm judging. Much.