For some time I've felt like I was floating in and out of connectedness. It's hard to explain, because I still seem to be feeling at the same time connected and disconnected.
I've had no energy and a nervous energy to do something, anything that means not sitting still and God forbid being still.
I long for the quiet and yet fill every corner of my life and mind with noise and distraction.

So starting tonight at 7pm I'm going radio silent for almost 11 days. I'm flying to Portland and I'm disabling Facebook and Twitter on my phone. I'll be posting my Good Things on July 1st but I won't be touching a computer or the internet until July 5th at 7am when my plane lands back in Cincinnati.

I'll be hanging out with Katy most of the time in Portland and chilling at her house. While she works during the week I'll wander Portland hanging out in parks and coffee shops just reading, writing and being disconnected.
I'll also be meeting up with Courtney for at least a little bit. Courtney who I've never met before but is incubating a little boy that is apparently not that shy.

But I'm excited. I did something like this last year when I went to Cancun and it was so lovely.

So, see you in 11ish days!


Courtney said...

I can't wait to see you!

Pete said...

I know why you're doing it, and I know you can do it and enjoy every minute of it.

But I will miss you. :(

If you hear of flash flooding in NW Ohio, it's just my tears.

Have a super fantastic trip and give Katy a HUGE hug for me. :)