Club of Buttons

Some awesome ladies I internet know and I have started this thing we're calling the Button Club.
Basically we're pulling a group version of Julia & Julie (Julie & Julia? I always forget the order) and working our way though "How to Sew a Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew"

We'll tackle the tasks and giggle incessantly along the way. I put up my first post today about loving the idea of follow through more than I love actually following through.
Check us out. At the very least we're crazy entertaining!

All I ask is this: If there is a movie made about the Button Club I want Jennifer Garner to play me. Because I love Sydney Bristow and if she plays me I'm pretty sure that will mean I'm a spy for a rogue government agency fronting as the C.I.A fronting as a boring old bank.


Courtney said...

If you get Jennifer Garner, I totally get to be played by Amy Adams. that way even my whinest posts sound delightful and entertaining.

Pete said...

What an awesome post!

Sounds like you're really trying to focus on committing to be less committed......wait, what? lol.