The floors are finished! I was able to move back into the house on Saturday and have started the arduous process of settling back into my life.

Sharen and the kids helped me move out of the hotel and were rewarded handsomely with Chick-Fil-A milkshakes. After we inspected the house Sharen and the kids headed to Meijer and I ran to Home Depot for felt things to put on the bottom of the chairs.
When I got back from Home Depot I went out to the shed to the secret hiding place the flooring guys were supposed to leave my front door key. I grabbed the turtle and walked to the garage. Upon opening the turtle I saw they had not left the key as instructed.
I immediately burst into tears. I mean, sure...it could have been the stress and exhaustion of this whole process...but I'm pretty sure it was fear. I was terrified. I suddenly because really aware that I was in the huge house all by myself and this company could come and go as they pleased with the front door key they didn't return, probably so they could return that night and murder me. Further more they probably have someone hiding in the attic waiting for night to fall so they can descend and murder the single girl living on her own.
Damn you Law & Order! DAMN YOU!
I calmed down enough to find the card for the flooring guys and called the owners cell phone, he was on vacation. Also known as THE PERFECT ALIBI. I had to calm myself down again so I could call his back up guy and I left a message there and at the office. I told them as calmly (I hope) as possible that I was really uncomfortable with my key being taken and I needed a call back today to see what happened. There were also other issues going on with the floors that I needed resolved and told them I needed a call back about that too.
Then I just sank super dramatically to the floor and called my sister. I needed to calm down so I could see to drive to Home Depot again to buy a new lock and key set for the front door. I knew that if I didn't change that lock there was going to be no way I would sleep Saturday night.
I also had to calm down right away because some friends were coming over to help me move my big furniture in 1/2 an hour and I needed to leave so I could get back in time.
I hightailed it to Home Depot and bought the lock set which Trent kindly installed for me later that afternoon. I still had trouble falling asleep Saturday night, I couldn't fall asleep because I would hear all these noises and think KILLERS! I even inspected the ceilings of my upstairs because I watched a Lifetime movie like 10 years ago (starring Angie Harmon) about this woman who had a neighbor install cameras in her attic to watch her. I still have a little crick in my neck from walking around while looking up.
In the mean time, I've left now FOUR messages for the flooring guys and still no call back. Clearly a sign that they are KILLERS.

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Bob said...

I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too! :)