Under the Dome: Book 5

I was so excited to read this book. Under the Dome is by Stephen King.
I know I know. Stephen King? Seriously Bethany? What with all your talk of killers and burglers?
I know.
But I performed a completely scientific poll by asking a lot of people that were reading the book if it was scary and they said no. The only scary thing about it was the size. At 1074 pages it was a brick of a book. I love Stephen King, I miss him. We had to break up when I bought my house and started worrying the sheets off my bed about killers.
I think he could have cut out about 200 pages of the book and the plot would have been the better for it, but that's pretty much true of all of this brick books. He definitely showed his extreme prejudice and dislike for Republicans and in my opinion Christians. Other people were more bothered by that, it got old after several hundred pages.
I am at best politically apathetic so I don't care where he stands. But the issue is dead already Stephen. It's not a hoarse in your Pet Cemetary so stop beating the dead hoarse already.

The adventure and excitement hit right from the beginning and didn't stop until the last page. It was suspenseful without being creepy. I loved the adventure of reading it, but it just made me miss my old friend Stephen even more.

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