Top 10 9/9/09

I got this idea from Amy Beth over at Ministry so Fabulous!

Apparently I can get a little serious on here. At least that's the word on the street. So in an effort to look on the bright side of life (in writing) I think I'll start posting Top 10 lists. Because 10 is more even than 9 and it soothes my OCD soul.
They could be about my day, any day, people, places, things...pretty much any noun. Mostly good, a few interesting things about the aforementioned nouns.
Here's my Top 10 for today.

10: Had a wonderful lunch outside with Katie and some fun people at work. Laughter and much merriment lightened my cranky pants mood

9: I closed 10 open issues at work today. Only 127 more to go....

8: My kitchen is still clean and organized. Funny how once the flow improved and it made more sense where everything went I was more inclined to put it away when I was done. Who would have thought?

7: I got gas for under $2.30, lovely

6: Had a lovely time chatting on gmail with Katy. I don't get to talk to her nearly enough.

5: I watched the new Dugger episode and I really like Michelle's new hairstyle, I think it's the bangs swept to the side that does it for me. (and no I don't care that a TV show made it on the list, it will happen often)

4: I stumbled across Ikea Heights via Young House Love's blog. There are only 4 episodes, watch it. Now. Also, check out Young House Love if you haven't already. They are awesome and I love checking out their DIY projects

3: Day 9 of not eating anyplace that has a drive thru (Chipotle is thankfully excluded from that!) Day 2 of no soda. I just keep chanting, I think I can I think I can.

2: I discovered I really like pinto beans. Who knew?! I really like them in my Chipotle chicken bol. Yum!

1: Day 9 of my 6 week workout resolution. I went to the gym with Beth from church and went 20 minutes running on the elliptical, did ab work and about a million abductors (I think?) on a machine and almost fell over in front of some sweaty dudes when I got up. I'm sore and I've never sweated so much intentionally in my life. But I'm doing ok with it so far. Although I'm finding that I'm disappointed I'm not already a size 2 but whatever. (Hearing how Kim Kardashian worked so hard to lose 15 pounds and went from size 6 to size 2 certainly doesn't help...)

So those are 10 things about today. Now I'm off to finish the 18 Kids and Counting episode. It's Jame's birthday and he's getting a bike!

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