Hangin' Tough

Rumors had been swirling for weeks.
Someone was going to go for it. Try it. Maybe get fired because of it.
We whispered about it in back rooms and by soda machines. We passed notes with cash boxes, our eyes gleamed with the possibility in the darkest corners of the bar.

If it happened (could it even happen?) if it happened it would be EPIC.

Then, on one balmy day, mid-morning, while not much else interesting was going on it happened.
The sweet calypso beat and steel drums went silent.
It was so silent it was deafening.
Even the park guests seemed to sense the gravity of the situation. They stopped, dead in their tracks barely breathing.

The park was eerily quiet for what seemed like hours. I slowly turned, mouth agape. I walked towards the door, feeling the warm lake air brush my skin. The silence was broken by and oh, and an oh oh, and an oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance.
just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance!

The few of us in Park Plaza started shouting, jumping up and down and pumping our fists. We abandoned our registers and ran into the midway. The employees at Tinks came rushing out of their store, one employee in particular lagging just a little behind.
He had done it. The sound system at Cedar Point had been hijacked with New Kids on the Block.
Because when you aim to replace really bad causeway music why would you choose a high quality song?

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You're so silly!