All Sorts of Things

I have all sorts of things to say. I want to talk about the two awesome weekends I had with great friends and how I turned 30 feeling more loved than a girl should rightfully feel. I want to talk about Washington Project and the AMAZING job all the people that serve with 4 Corners did loving the families in the Woodbridge apartment complex this past Sunday. I want to talk about the ridiculous amount of television I've been watching lately and how it's sucking the life out of my life.
I want to talk about my lack of discipline in regards to how I spend my time and the way I organize my personal life; about how God is speaking pretty directly to my heart about it and how my response is a tantrum.

I want to post pictures of these great things that have happened and tell you some more of my memories that are probably only partly true. But I just don't seem to have the mental stamina at the moment. So sorry Jake, I know you were pushing for a new blog every day...but maybe I'll catch up this weekend or later this week or something. Maybe I'll mine the blog and even the MySpace blog (gasp!) for some gems back before I was all mature and wise (belch, fart, doodie).

But I think for tonight I'm going to lay down, twirl my hair and maybe read this really good book I've been hacking away at on my lunch breaks. But I'll probably just fall asleep. I know you're all very jealous of the excitement!


Katy said...

that's okay... i haven't posted a blog in a month. being tired is a good excuse.

Pete said...

You have no idea how jealous I am of that excitement. lol.

jake - aka the comment novelist said...

You see how often my desire to post actually bears fruit, so I really don't have any wiggle room to judge, my dear!

I'd love it if I got a daily dose of your insightful wisdom. But not at the expense of your mental/physical/spiritual well-being.

Love ya!

wv= clumsg

As in how I type the word clumsy when I'm trying to walk and text at the same time and trip over my own feet.