Who's going to want me?

I watched the Horse Whisperer recently and there was a line in it when Grace was asking her mom if anyone would want her, love her like this. She had been in an accident and had lost her right leg. She was further damaged because of losing her friend in the accident and the trauma of believing that it was her fault.
It struck me how often we all ask that question. Married, single or otherwise we all want to know who is going to want us, love us like this. Whatever this is.

Maybe you're body is fighting against you. Maybe you're having medical problems or are fighting what feels like a losing battle against the bulge. Maybe you still believe the lies that people told you so many years ago.
Are you wondering if anyone would love you enough to tell you the truth? To be there for you no matter what? To love you even on your ugliest and meanest days?
Sometimes getting through the muck is enough to make anyone give up, throw in the towel and call it a day. Sometimes, you can't see an end in sight and that makes you want to give up and not even try.
I know, it used to be all I could do to not throw in the towel every day. I couldn't see the forest through the trees.

There is someone real and true. Someone, at least one person but probably more, walking around thinking that you're the cats meow. So special and wonderful. You might not even know who they are but you are important to someone even if they suck at telling you that. There's also someone else real and true. Someone that loves you so much that he allowed himself to be strung up on a cross for you. Jesus. He wants you desperately and is telling you so through the large and small kindnesses every day. Even when you can't see or feel the kindness he is there holding you and loving you.
So the question shouldn't be who's going to want you or love you. The question is when will you start wanting and loving yourself, the person that God is calling you to be.

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