Good Things: November

November 1 Landed in Vegas! "I can't go that way, I'm not made for the police bus" "Was that Superman? No it was The Flash" and other shenanigans with Nicole and Keris

November 2 Le Reve like WHOA

November 3 Late night texts that people couldn't understand and flirty Irish bartenders (good things started today at 1201am!

November 4 Home sweet home and owning emotions

November 5 Training class for work means interesting people and social dynamic watching

November 6 Pete: I'm only good at Mario like once a month Me: It must be your time of the month

November 7 Small group conversations that were mostly about farting and pooping

November 8 Early to bed to prep for Stacey moving doesn't mean there wasn't some Mario time

November 9 Moving Stacey in the most efficient way possible and conversations with Amber

November 10 Making fun of Bengals fans at Quaker Steak and a lazy day at home

November 11 I...don't recall. It was probably Mario Kart though

November 12 Successfully did not punch a trainer in the face in light of misogynistic idiocy

November 13 "Me: It's shipping back from Canada Chris: Ok, so returned from overseas? Me: I don't think there's an ocean between Canada & the US" Also, adventures in only so-so food with Pete

November 14 Hilarity at Small Group

November 15 A very sleep Geek Games

November 16 Happy Birthday Nicole! (Also, daybed day!)

November 17 Those clouds sure are hanging low

November 18 Only day straight home after work this week; made it count with all the Marios

November 19 Girlfriends Night Out; now with more off color comments by Mary Jo (which I LOVE)

November 20 Dinner and wonderful conversation with Sharon.

November 21 Lovely night at small group

November 22 Catching Fire day Catching Fire day!

November 23 Bake all the things

November 24 Church in what feels like forever 

November 25 Kitties sleeping so close together without fighting 

November 26 Gorging on cable and toasty warm socks

November 27 Lots of blessings during an accident that could have been way way worse 

November 28 Yummy food and Black Friday fun. FUZZY BLANKET

November 29 Frozen with Matthew. The princess saved herself 

November 30 Fun with the family

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