Good Things: July

July 1 Let the busy season at work begin. But first a short work week!

July 2 Last night at home; I miss my bed so much when it's gone

July 3 Hellllooooo cable at the dogsitting house!

July 4 4 day weekend!

July 5 Oh how I loved having today off work. Even if it was rainy all day

July 6 Lazy day with Jack

July 7 Like whoa

July 8 Home. For almost a week! How novel!

July 9 Therapy is always my good thing

July 10 Getting ready for mom and dad to visit is easier when the house isn't a hot mess all the time

July 11 Doctor visit for the 1st time in 5 years. Apparently when they're trying to examine you you shouldn't try to hop off the table. I bought myself ice cream as a reward.

July 12 Mom and Dad are here!

July 13 Nice day with Mom and Dad and a yummy cookout for the family bday celebration

July 14 Early EARLY morning breakfast with mom and dad then 6 hours at the vets. Thankful for my vet and their pricing.

July 15 I like when Stacey lives with us

July 16 GNO - Good friends that are so supportive I feel surprised but I shouldn't. They're lovely people

July 17 Lovely friends who love Agnes as much as I do (despite someones protests coughPetecough)

July 18 Ugly crying at the vet and then being exhausted. I'm sure there was a good thing but I can't find it.

July 19 Birthday Pool day. The ability to bring Agnes home for a night and good friends that go places with you and do the hard things

July 20 I put Agnes to sleep today. But hey....Amber spent all day with me and cheered me up in exactly the way I needed. She's lovely.

July 21 Home from the dogsitting house for awhile. Sad being home without Agnes though :(

July 22 I helped make dinner! Pete is sooooo lucky

July 23 I like when Stacey stays with us

July 24 Last night at home for awhile. Oh how I'll miss my bed

July 25 "You know what the weird thing is? His girlfriend left him and he still went on the trip!!" No. No Brian that was not the weird thing

July 26 Dinner with Alexis!

July 27 Fun birthday with family (blood and non)

July 28 Homearama and happy 3rd roommateaversary

July 29 NORMAN

July 30 It's not necessarily a good thing but I had to have a conversation I would never have imagined I'd have to have with someone at work. There was much awkward laughter composing that email. Oh my goodness

July 31 Monica looking for the ok button (that's in her computer) all over her desk top before realizing what she was doing. I laughed until I cried and so did she. We both needed that.

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