Good Things: November

I started late this month, and now I can't remember a good thing for the first 3 days. Whoops!

November 4 Breakfast at work, yum!

November 5 Puss and Boots with Matthew. It was super funny

November 6 Extra hour of sleep!

November 7 Small group time is awesome time. This one time at Meijer...

November 8 Election Day, the day I celebrate the end of hearing about all those electiony things

November 9 Happy Birthday, Katy! I love you!

November 10 Family Night

November 11 Mom and Dad came into town and saw the new kitchen!

November 12 WICKED! LOVE!

November 13 Unexpected Sunday afternoon to myself. I was deliciously unproductive. Extra time with my church peeps too, love them.

November 14 Amber came over to play! Snarky HP watching!

November 15 Therapy is hard, but it's nice being able to share and be validated without emotional blackmail ensuing

November 16 I may never tire of playing Dr. Mario

November 17 Dr. Mario is a game you can play which allows you to not think about anything else

November 18 Friday! It's FRIDAY! I'm so over work right now

November 19 Hair appointment, lunch with a friend and J Edgar movie

November 20 Helping Sharen decorate for Christmas and dinner with friends

November 21 Love my small group. TWINKIES!

November 22 5pm eventually showed up at work, which made me very happy

November 23 Peaceful drive up to my parents house with Sharen, Shelby and Matthew

November 24 Yummy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping started at 930 and there were some ridiculous laughs in the Elder-Beerman parking lot

November 25 Continued Black Friday shopping until past 4am. A lot of fun!

November 26 Saw the Muppets and laughed a lot

November 27  Sleeping in my own bed!

November 28 Signed up for Pinterest, this may be the beginning of the end

November 29 Entertaining, if useless 4 hour meeting at work where an 80ish year old man talked about his blog more times than required.

November 30 Straight home from work!

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