Good Things: September

September 1 Nice meeting dreaming about outreach with leaders at my church

September 2 12 hour day at work, looooooong day but getting a little caught up

September 3 Lazy day swimming and watching Netflix

September 4 Great conversation with Claire at lunch and Friday Night Lights

September 5 Day on the sofa with brief breaks to switch laundry

September 6 Day 1 of 2 that I'm working this week

September 7 Road Trip to South Carolina with some church peeps. I love my church, I really really do

September 8 Man oh man, today. The whole conference and everything the speakers spoke about, the road trip back plumbing the depths of my ipod and listening to kingdom dreams being chatted about while watching scenery slip past. Today was my favorite in a long time, awake for 23 hours and loved every second.

September 9 Day 2 of 2 that I'm working this week. I'm not even tired, LOVE that.

September 10 Building bookcases and the Washington Project cookout

September 11 Afternoon on the sofa watching Netflix

September 12 Watched an SUV stuck on a boulder (yep, a boulder) get unstuck by a deaf former UFC guy yanking on it with a tow strap (the truck was jacked up so it wouldn't fall on dude). His fist pump after was the best part

September 13 Texts with Laine planning our friend-cation!

September 14 The kitchen table went up! It's starting to feel like a real house!

September 15 Happy Birthday, Matthew!

September 16 First night dog sitting in a long time, almost made me miss cable (almost)

September 17 Matthew's birthday part, lots of loud kids and some yummy cake

September 18 Downloaded Dr. Mario on the Wii...productivity has ground to a halt in the house again

September 19 Bought my counter tops today. My bank account doesn't think it's a good thing but my kitchen does

September 20 Girlfriends Night Out! There was an odd amount of talk on the topic of booger eating...

September 21 Dr. Mario and hanging out on the sofa all night

September 22 Dinner out celebrating a friends birthday. Lots of laughing and hilarity ensued.

September 23 Last day of work until October!

September 24 Game night with Amber and got my hair did.

September 25 Good conversation about churchy volunteer stuff. It was nice to be care for in such a way.

September 26 Driving to Pennsylvania and seeing Laine!

September 27 Lots and lots of vagina jokes today, none of which I was comfortable putting on the interwebs

September 28 Had a cider slush....oh my goodness, SO AMAZING

September 29 I may have been drunk twice today, I can't confirm or deny this

September 30 Benefit show with Laine, he did a great job at his show. Chacha McDouchenstein

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