Five Minute: Random Thoughts

Ok, the rule is to type for five minutes and post whatever vomits out of my fingertips. May God be with you all.


By the time I left work last night I had hit 40 hours for the week, and I'll likely be at work for 10 hours today. The OT is nice, but man am I exhausted. On top of the kitchen reno and the handing off of Washington Project meetings this girl sure could use a Saturday in bed watching movies.

Speaking of Saturdays, tomorrow there is a painting party at my house. We're painting every inch of the upstairs main rooms and hallway, including the ceiling. If you want to come that would be awesome. But I know most of you are far far away.

Uncle Rico has calmed the heck down. There was almost two whole days of no awkwardness then a little hiccup. I think he's just that socially awkward. It's kind of funny now that it's now killer-esque.

My cats are dusty. They keep rolling around in the dry wall dust and they feel all chalky. Don't tell them, but they're getting a bath when this weekend is over.

I am at the point of the kitchen renovation when I have to spend the money I've gotten quoted out to me. This means in the next week I'm writing checks that will add up to at least $7,000. :gulp:

Apparently there was an earthquake this week, I didn't feel it but the "outrage" on the internet is cracking me up.

Finally, I'm excited the kitchen reno is coming to a close. The walls will be painted, the tile in place and the cabinets go in next week. Then we have a 2 week waiting period for the counter top to go in and it will be done! I can't hardly wait.

What has your week been like?


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