Vodka (on the rocks)

When we were 11 my sister and I each got to travel by ourselves on a plane to see our Aunt and Uncles in St Louis. For a week.
It was a HUGE deal.
When it was my turn I was so excited, not only to be going, but to be traveling...by myself.
It was so grown up!

So I packed my bag and snagged my teddy bear and the book I was reading and boarded the plane. Before lift off the stewardess that was assigned to "watch me" during the flight came over to make sure I was settled ok. It was a mostly empty flight, so I figured she probably didn't have anything else to do anyway.

I was settled in my center seat with Teddy buckled into the seat by the window (he was really bossy and insisted if I really loved him he would get the window seat) and was cracking open my book. I was halfway through it and it was so deliciously creepy.

The stewardess sidled up and asked me how I was. "Fine" I replied, trying to brush her off because I was at a good part of my book and didn't want to be bothered.
"Can I get you something to drink, sweetie?"
"A coke" I replied absentmindedly. I was soooo the proffessional traveler.

But this woman wouldn't go away. She rambled on about flying and how scary but fun it was and was it my first time, was I nervous, who was I going to see, what book was I reading.

Oh! I could show her my book. That usually got adults to shrink away and leave me alone.
So I looked up, met her eyes and slowly closed my book and showed her the cover. It had a terrifying clown on the cover with eyes dark like coal and bright red hair.
I was reading It by Stephen King.
At 11
While flying on a plane by myself.

My plan worked. She stumbled backwards and said she'd get my coke and be right back.
Then, when she returned she tried to engage me again.

Oh what a cute bear! What's his name, how long has been with you?!

I replied that his name was Teddy and I've had him since I was born.
She said, that's adorable. Would Teddy like anything to drink?

I sighed.
I lowered my book slowly and raised my eyes to meet hers.

"Yes, he would just LOVE a vodka. On the rocks of course."

She didn't really come bug me anymore after that.
I also never got that darn vodka on the rocks.

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Pete said...

It's good to know that you've never lost your sarcastic humor/wit after all these years. lol.