Harry Potter

I fought Harry Potter for a long time. Not because I was against the series or had any idea what it was or wasn't about, I just didn't care.
But last summer (2009) I decided to bite the bullet and read through the series. I'm pretty sure Katy cried a little with relief.

I have been hooked every since. I've read the series twice now, I've watched the movies innumerable times and have downloaded all the audiobooks to my iPod and have listened through them all twice already.
I might be obsessed.
I also really really want to go to Universal Studios and get a wand at the Harry Potter exhibit.

And I don't even care.
Because it's awesome.
Today the 1st part of the last book comes to the big screen and I saw it Tuesday at a sneak preview (and might have had an excitement hangover on Wednesday) and am seeing it again tomorrow. I kind of might even want to go see it again after that....

So happy Harry Potter day to you all!

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