Good Things: October

October 1st- Finished a good but disturbing memoir (Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres) and hung out on the sofa all night after Five Guys with my seester and eldest (see what I did there Sharen?) niece

October 2nd- Special day with Matthew. There were bounce houses, chicken nuggets, toys, the friend game and dinner at 'Robin Hood' (Red Robin)

October 3rd- There's nothing like a good Sunday afternoon nap

October 4th- Customer Service Appreciation Week launches with breakfast and lunch at work, a $250 bonus and a massage.

October 5th- My hair was really cute today

October 6th- Homemade french toast, bacon and strawberry breakfast at my desk this morning. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!

October 7th- Friday Eve! Laying on the sofa watching hilarious TV

October 8th- I went to bed at 830 tonight, that is my old crotchety good thing for today

October 9th- 1st day of a new small group and I emotionally vomited all over the place. Only a little awkward....

October 10th-  Shopping with Sharen in the afternoon where I made her spend money Jeff was making her spend on herself...I also got amazing new bras and some fiercely fabulous nail polish

October 11th- I made it through my workout under the weather but without throwing up...here's hoping I can do it two days in a row

October 12th- I survived my 2nd trainer workout in a row! Also, conquering a clogged drain in my house while Pete looked on holding my makeup bag :)

October 13th-"We can eat at IKEA!" "PETE, THE POWER IS OUT!" "It would have been $6.67 if you wouldn't have burped" "They make applesauce crackers now?" "Um, Pete....those are applause crackers....." It was one wild and crazy power outage trip to Steak 'N Shake and Meijer night.

October 14th- Started dog sitting and I'm sick...it was only an ok day

October 15th-  Jars of Clay concert! I was sick but I found a bench to sit on the whole time where I could still see the stage and screens.

October 16th- I was a zombie all day today on the sofa sniffling and sneezing.

October 17th- Home! Being sick is always easier when you're sick in your own bed.

October 18th- Left work early and after a futile trip to the well clinic slept all afternoon and night. I'm ready to not be sick anymore.

October 19th- I felt a little better today, but I didn't tell anyone because I was afraid to jinx it. More sleeping the night away, but I made it through my whole work day and was even productive!

October 20th- Went to a celebration dinner thing honoring Washington Project, it's was a lovely night honoring domestic violence workers, volunteers and those that have been affected by domestic violence.

October 21st- Reading a good novel that oddly is working up a lot of my thoughts and issues with grieving. It's good, in the awkward and painful kind of way.

October 22nd- An appointment after work was canceled so I went straight home and marathon cleaned the house. Then, I sat on the sofa and read while listening to lovely music.

October 23rd- Hung out at Sharen's all day, they are re-doing her kitchen. I spent most of the day in the basement reading, sleeping or playing games with Matthew.

October 24th- First small group meeting, it was a lot of good conversation about Ben's sermon and delicious stuffed peppers.

October 25th-Man, can I say enough how much I love the people leading Washington Project alongside me? Because I feel like I can't tell you enough.

October 26th- Another great night dreaming about Washington Project and how it is growing, changing and developing. Lots of confirmation from God about leadership transitions and the direction the leadership team is taking. I'm such a thankful and blessed girl.

October 27th- Dinner with Alexis where I got to snuggle with Jacob a few minutes before he realized he wasn't being held by mommy and then a hilarious night with Pete that involved the magazine mental floss and Modern Family. It was coconuts!

October 28th- Family Taco Night at my house! Then pulling a bunch of leadership/ministry books off my shelf to review and promptly falling asleep in the middle of them all only to be woken by Pete coming home from work. I love naps that are immediately followed by crawling into bed for the night!

October 29th- Friday Friday Friday Friday!

October 30th- Work day at home! Yard cleaned! Shed organized! Laundry room emptied! Attic filled! Exclamation Points!

October 31st-Another awesome morning at http://www.4cornerschurch.com/ and with Washington Project followed by an afternoon of more attic stuffing, Harry Potter movies and general commentary on the costumes of trick or treaters. Also, pot roast!


Kari said...

I haven't read Jesus Land. I would like to hear your thoughts.

ellenjane said...

Jesus Land was good, it was just so strange. I mean the cahrazy things that happened to both of the kids and the way their parents were just so...blank in their lives. It totally gave me the heebeejeebies but was so fascinating.