Good Things: September

September 1st- Straight home from work, but still lounged around the whole night. I think I'm getting sick...

September 2nd- Happy 90210 Day! I would like to buy one egg.

September 3rd- Lunch with a friend and quite possibly the best chips I have ever eaten at Chipotle.

September 4th- Nice relaxing day hanging out with Mom, Dad and Sharen's family. First night dogsitting, it's the family that leaves me cake for while I'm there!


September 6th- Super delicious and hilarious brunch with Stephanie at Cracker Barrel then a day reading and watching 90210

September 7th- I made it through my training session without dying and then walked the dog for a mile, I call that a win. Even if I went to bed directly after....

September 8th- Took the dog on a long and frustrating walk, but the good thing is he was tuckered out for the rest of the night.

September 9th- Listened to The Nines all day, lots of good stuff. http://www.thenines2010.eventbrite.com/

September 10th- Pedicure!

September 11th- I felt pretty today and Nicole came and sat with me at a reception when I was freaking out and trying not to cry.

September 12th- Home. I was so happy to be home and feel safe again I lay on the floor just inside the front door for 30 minutes when I first got home.

September 13th- I.....don't really have anything good to say about today.

September 14th- I made it through work

September 15th- Happy 6th Birthday Matthew Caldwell Matala (I can't believe you're 6)

September 16th- I feel like I'm slowly coming back to life again. But I still feel incredibly unsafe like I'm perched on a very very tenuous ledge.

September 17th- Chipotle for lunch, chatting with a few friends and trying to remember to not throw the baby out with the bath water

September 18th- Saw Tenth Avenue North for free at The Underground which was pretty awesome

September 19th- Made pot roast! It was delicious!

September 20th- Have I mentioned that our Washington Project leadership team is amazing? Because they kind of are.

September 21st- I did several brave things today. Working on some God sized dreams and trying not to throw up in the process.

September 22nd- I bought the most AMAZING tennis shoes today. I had no idea shoes could feel like this on my feet. AMAZING

September 23rd- Working out in my new tennis shoes = AMAZING I didn't have to drive home in just socks because my feet were throbbing.

September 24th- My boys are back in town!

September 25th- Apple Fest and an evening filled with champagne toasts and sitting on the patio laughing with friends

September 26th- Awesome Washington Project where I laughed until my face hurt and drove a really big bus a long way. Also, clean sheet night and burrowing under a down comforter while sleeping with the windows open.

September 27th- Waking up in a freezing cold room while burrowed deep under the toasty warm covers is I'm pretty sure what heaven is going to be like all the time, except without the having to wake up and go to work thing...

September 28th- Had an amazing company come re-insulate my attic, they actually swept and dusted inside my house because some dirt blew in the front door screen.

September 29th- I finished a really really good book (The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton)

September 30th- Started listening to Deathly Hallows on audio book at work. I can't decide if this is awesome, or distracting....


Kari said...

I think it's funny that Chipotle was on your list and Bethany Spear's list. I think I prefer Moe's, actually. Maybe I should give Chipotle another chance.

ellenjane said...

Chipotle is always a good thing for me :)