No Other Option

The thing is, no one told me how hard money is sometimes. I mean it's hard and it sucks.
It's so easy to feel swayed and pressured to have things, things you don't even need or really want.
It's so hard to juggle and balance saving and spending, budgeting and keeping focused on the now and the future.
I mean, where's my money tree?!

I'm not starving, not even close. I could probably not eat for weeks and be ok as long as I was hydrated. But it's just hard.
I talked to a friend today and she said she and her husband are just now, 20 years in, getting to the point where they are sticking to a budget and saving diligently. I talked to another friend that is struggling to make ends meet while making some super grown up decisions about the care of her children and the future of her family. As I vomited up my worries about money they both replied with, "I totally understand and have been there/am right there now"
But no one told me.

I mean, I know money is weird and I know it's not my business and no one really should tell me but at the same time no one told me.
I thought that things just worked out, but they don't.

Let me honest though; it's not that bad. I just have to work really hard and be extra diligent. I just have to keep going. Because what other option is there?
So in case no one ever told you, sometimes you just have to get up in the morning and keep going because there is no other option, and that's ok because that is being brave.
I'm more of a coward than I pretend to be, but I'm just going to be brave because who else is paying my property taxes?
No one....unless you really want to, if so just leave a comment and we'll talk.

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