The End is Near!

Saturday two friends came over to help work on my house. I'd been trying not to drive my car into the bath vanity or side swipe two interior doors that had been hanging out in garage since March.
Charlie got there first and for a really stressful hour we weren't sure the doors would fit and thought I had to go buy custom $130 doors. But then Dan showed up and boosted Charlie's confidence in trimming the height of the doors down and busting through some plaster inside the laundry room door frame to make the current doors (I bought of clearance) fit.
My laundry room now has a door, I'm SO excited! Especially with Pete moving in soon it gives the basement hall a more finished look and helps conceal mounds of storage boxes and dirty laundry on the floor. Once the doors were installed the door knobs had to go in.

After putting in part of the knob Charlie entered the laundry room and closed the door. Unfortunately the door locked and without a knob he couldn't get back out. I was in the kitchen when I heard him hollering my name telling me he was trapped in the laundry room. Again, thank goodness Dan was there or I would have had to call the police to tell them there was a strange man locked in my laundry room trying to get out....they probably wouldn't have taken that the wrong way right?

But the vanity, oh I forgot how much I love the vanity that I picked out!

We were missing a few bolts for the toilet but other than that the bathroom install went pretty smoothly. The base board, trim and shower hardware is all up!

Now I just need to hang the mirror, toilet paper holder, towel bar and shower curtain rod and it's all done! The toilet is a push button toilet and flushes a little weird, but other than that it's perfect!

Also, I felt bad just sitting around and watching TV while these two guys worked so hard on my house. So I ended up cleaning the whole house while they worked and caught up on all my laundry. I also rearranged the living room and my bedroom to make room for some furniture moving from downstairs upstairs and vice versa. Pete's moving in by the end of July and I need to make some space for him! There will be a tv in the upstairs living room. Depending on the day I'm happy and unhappy about that. I think it will be nice to be able to watch tv in a public space closer to the kitchen but also don't want the tv to become the focus when people come over. I liked that we could all sit in the living room and chat without a tv on in the background. I suppose I can just get rid of it if that happens.

*insert picture I forgot to take of newly rearranged living room here*

*insert picture I forgot to take of newly rearranged bedroom here*

The other nice thing is that Sunday I didn't really have to do anything because I did so much Sunday. Well, I cut my grass, but it was breezy and in the 70s so that wasn't as bad as it could have been. So I laid on the couch in my clean living room and read 1/2 a book and had a great conversation with my Mint Julep.

Come to my house soon people, I can't promise how much longer it will be clean!


jake said...

Wow! I'm kind of torn about the TV. Maybe now Cody will spend more time upstairs, but I kinda liked chillin' without it too...

Pete said...

We can find away to hide away the t.v. so it can be used, ONLY when you want it, and when you don't even want to think about it, it can be hidden and concealed. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

I can't wait to see the floors and the bathroom!! I really can't wait to get to see you all the time!! :)