Good Things: April

I'm stealing this from Kari's blog because it seems like a lovely recap to each month. Now I just have to remember to do it every month!

April 1- No one pranked me, Mom and Dad came in and my house was relatively clean for their arrival
April 2- Root canal, sucked. But I was supposed to work 11-8 after and we closed early and I was paid to work 11-8 but got to go home at 5pm, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Also, The Dip with the family
April 3- Celebrated Easter with the family, made Easter lupper all by myself and then How to Train a Dragon. Eggcellent weekend all in all.
April 4- Church, yard work with mom and dad, Sharen and Matthew, Smokey Bones and sleeping with the windows open. Lovely!
April 5- Dinner at Panera, Mango Smoothie!
April 6 - Done with all my work by 930am, worked some on other people stuff but mostly had a relaxing day at work. Also, ate Easter leftovers outside in the sun while reading Anne of Green Gables. I think it's what Jesus would have wanted.
April 7 - I was on and off cranky today, I had some grody side effects from some medicine. But I had a nice lunch with Mom and got a new antibiotic called in and it was cheap cheap cheap which was a relief.
April 8- Not many good things happened today. A really nice guy got fired at work, my stomach took over my life and began to methodically expel its content from my person, I was exhausted and took to my bed with the vapors at like 830 only to not sleep more than 2 consecutive hours. This day was not my friend.
April 9- Called off work, slept on the sofa on and off all day (at a house I was dogsitting) My stomach stopped trying to murder me, so I suppose that's a good thing.
April 10- Alexis' baby shower! Cute baby things!
April 11 - Had a ridiculously good time painting at a crisis shelter with Washington Project
April 12 - This week
April 13 -was
April 14 - Wickedly awesome
April 15 - Sometimes the best thing about a week is the anticipation of the awesome weekend that is to come. I listened to the Wicked Soundtrack 27 million times this week and it was pretty much my good thing EVERY.DAY.
April 16 - Fun and relaxing drive north with Sharen, Shelby and Matthew. I ate a healthy packed supper instead of fast food (ok, I got a McFlurry, but I didn't get the Big Mac I wanted!)
April 17 - WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED! Plus, time with Stephanie, great deep conversations and yummy Cold Stone Ice Cream! So many good things about today!
April 18 - Home again, clean sheet night and baby shower number 2 for Alexis. Also, free bookcase!
April 19 - Today was dramatic and hard. But I have good friends and a great God.
April 20 - Nothing to do after work again! It's happening more and more and I am loving it!
April 21 - Came home sick from work, took a 5 hour nap with crazy dreams on a dogsitting house couch. 1 stressful thing resolved, 1 to go.
April 22 - Watched Monsters Inc. with Sharen and Matthew and went to bed early.
April 23 - A whole lot of nothing after work. If I'm not careful I could get used to this.
April 24 - Movie Day! I stayed in my pajamas and watched 7 movies and went to bed early
April 25 - I was able to get back into the service at church after 5 weeks of busy busy busy (with Washington Project and traveling). It felt really good to be home. I also made a good decision that helped alleviate a lot of stress.
April 26 - Back home again after dogsitting. I get to stay home for awhile, it makes me very happy.
April 27 - Waking up in my own bed with my kitties snuggling me. Also, I put up my first Button Club post and a lovely unexpected dinner with Claire and Fred full of laughter.
April 28 - Nothing to do after work! Cleaning and laundry. I'm trying to dig myself out of a funk and usually cleaning helps.
April 29 - Family night at my seesters house. First time in a few weeks thanks to crazy dogsitting schedules.
April 30 - Costume shopping and dinner with Alaina! More laughs then I knew what to do with!I'm just renting the costume but I'm so excited to be going to a 50's BBQ in a costume that doesn't suck (I figure my fall back vampire costume won't blend well with the 50's theme...)

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Melissa said...

you'll have to take pics of you in your costume!! and 7 movies in one day?!? that's awesome.