I have things to say, but no idea how to say them.
A lot has been happening on the home front, drywall, glazing, electrical issues, dry wall dust galore, visitors every weekend and one more round tomorrow night of visitors to go.
I move into a hotel in less than a week for a week while they do the hardwood floors and all I can think about is making it until next Sunday evening when I move into the hotel because that means I'll not be able to do a single damn thing when I get "home" except lay in a hotel bed and maybe swim or sit in a hot tub.

Today I feel like I'm just trying to make it through the day, and it will be a long day. Work, errands, meeting, cleaning then bed.
I'm irrationally cranky and pissy and so over being a girl. I wish I could figure out that Little Debbie's and nacho cheese doritoes aren't the answer to any problem that I have, even when I'm actually hungry.

For all the good intentions and well thought out plans of slowing down and savoring days instead of speeding through them from one event/meeting/job/committment to another I seem to have added more instead of taking anything out.
It's coming to a head soon. I just can't keep up this pace and actually enjoy life at all. Now I just have to see if that actually happens of if I'll just stuff my frustration back down my throat with Mt Dew and Cheetos.


jake - aka the comment novelist said...

I love you.

Next time we come down, let's just chill?

I think once the floors are done, the tension will be a bit more bearable.

Less Confused said...

I think you should take that week at the hotel and use it as a working vacation.

Stay a bit longer in the hot tub, swim a little longer. Watch your shows, drag a little longer, love on your cats a little more and just relax.

Just take the week and enjoy it, force yourself to live in the moment of relaxation.
You've earned it, and not just because of the craziness of the last few weeks, but because of everything you do, you've earned some "me" time.