Chin #1

I was so excited to be in kindergarten. I was in AM kindergarten, which is clearly the best, and I loved my teacher, Mrs. Nye.
Each morning we had story time in the corner and then headed back to our tables. One day I was wearing my favorite purple shirt with a bow on the front. Story time was over and Mrs. Nye asked Nathan Mestrey (Mestre, Meastry...oh I don't know) push back the tv to the other side of the aisle.
Now that I think about it I can't imagine why she would have done that...but that's why these memories are probably only partly true.
But I was tra la laing back to my table and Nathan decided to pull the television cord out across the aisle and trip me. I tripped and flailed my arms about landing on my face. I pulled my head up and looked down at blood pooling on the floor.
Mrs. Nye rushed over and started running me down the hall to the office. All I remember after that is trying desperately to take off my shirt on the walk/run to the office. Because it was my favorite purple shirt with a bow and it was getting blood on it! It didn't actually occur to me that removing it would increase the blood stain...

I got 12 stitches and was tortured by peroxide for a few weeks but I mended; at least until the next time I cracked open my chin.
On a completely unrelated not Nathan got hit by a car that same year while we were playing outside. He went to get a ball that went into the street and smack. He survived with a pretty busted up leg. I think I remember Mrs. Nye getting a tv cart to roll him to the office with his mangled leg dangling off the edge...but that's probably not true.

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jake - aka the comment novelist said...

Of course am kindergarten is the best! You get home before your older brother (sister) and have the TV all to yourself. And let's not forget uninterrupted time to ride your big wheel in the driveway!