Hunger Games

I bought my niece two books for Christmas. They're young adult fiction and come highly recommended by some people on a forum I hang out on (or is it at?). It's a series, the first book is The Hunger Games and the second is Catching Fire.

Christmas Day I cracked open The Hunger Games just to see what it was about and 6 hours later I put the book down finished. It was so good. The 26th I cracked open Catching Fire (because I had to find out what happned!) and 5 hours later it was done too. Amazing.
It's been so long since I've read books that fast. My brain was panting when I put down Catching Fire from trying to keep up with reading the book. I'm definitely going to have to read them again, slower.

The Hunger Game is an annual reminder in the nation of Panem that the Districts (Districts 1-12) are dependent on them for their survival and safety and that any rebels will be dealt with accordingly, like District 13 (which was firebombed, ending the previous uprisings in Panem). Each year 1 girl and 1 boy "tribute" must be selected randomly from all 12-18 year old boys and girls. The 24 tributes from all 12 districts are then put in an arena and they fight to the death on camera. The last tribute standing is the victor. Watching the games is required television.
Katniss is the protagonist and she is already accustomed to survival.
Katniss is a survivor that often has no idea how to interact with people.

It's amazing. Don't let the young adult aspect scare you off. These books are amazing, well written, thought provoking and just good.
Read them. Today.
Also, read them so we can go to a midnight launch party when the 3rd book comes out in August. Because I don't want to go by myself.

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