I Want Him.... 9/25/07

I still feel exactly the same way, almost 2 years later.

I want him to be kind. I want him to be compassionate to others no matter who they are. I want him to love God more then me. I want him to be funny, stupid funny and makes you think funny. I want him to have a great laugh, one that sticks with you after he's done laughing.
I want church to be important to him, I want him to jump into service at church feet first, and I want him to seek out ways to serve other people.
I want him to be well read, but not snobby about it. I want to be able to talk about the books I read with him. I want him to enjoy cooking and cleaning up, because I feel like both of those at different times. I want him to be comfortable enough in his own skin to love, but not so comfortable that we become slugs together.
I want him to be a good uncle, to his nieces and nephews, and mine. I want him to love my family and I want to love his. I want us to be a couple that builds each other up both privately and to other people, I don't want us to air our issues (and we will have them) to anyone that will listen. I want to be his biggest champion and he mine. I want him to be my best friend so I can finally stop avoiding all those survey questions.
I want him to be the first person I think of running to when I've had something amazing and devastating happen.
I want him to go grocery shopping with me, because I think it's more fun to go with someone I love anyway.
I want him to see injustice and need and not be able to stop himself from doing something about it, from being brokenhearted by it. I want him to do anything within his power to help people that need help, no matter why they need it.
I want him to know my friends, I want him to like my friends, or at least understand why I love them so much. I want him to love swimming. Because I love swimming and it would be nice to have a pool in the backyard, even if there are never any kids. I want him to be ok whether or not we have any kids, I want him to think that adoption is just as good as having a baby that is from your body.
I want him to think that I'm beautiful, even when I feel the farthest from beautiful that a girl can get, and let's be honest, when I AM the farthest.
I want him to rearrange living room furniture and decorate the Christmas tree with me.
I want him to love God more then me and think that church is a priority, and it's important enough to repeat.
I want to fight with him. I want us to keep our fights about what the fight is about, not some fight we had months, years ago.
I want to know him when I meet him, or recognize who he is that I already know when it's time for me to know.

I want him, I want all of him. I think it's ok to wait for all of the above and more then I can imagine. So I wait.

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