The Ladies of 4 Corners

They are far to numerous to mention but they are all the ladies at 4 Corners. A few have their own posts in the series (Claire, Bobbie) but there would have to be several more entries if I were to name them all by name.
At varying times I have been so encouraged by these women. We laugh and have fun, we have deep conversations about what its means to be a woman honoring God with her life. They show me what that is in their lives everyday.
It is comforting to see the married ladies honoring their husbands and navigating the worlds of wife, mother, sister, daughter, employee and friend with such grace. There's the ladies that aren't married that teach me how to be a single girl in a coupled up world.

There's Michelle, who I am so lucky to lead Washington Project with; I love watching her grow as a leader and the excellent job she does every week. She is an amazing creative woman who is a great mom and wife too.
There are a few Amy's, a handful of Jill's (Jill Hartsock who is married to Ryan and Jill Hodges who is married to Ben). There's a Diane, a Lisa, Nancy, Debbie, Joan, Claire, Jessica, Alyssa, Melissa, Kim, Denise, Peggy, Judy, shall I continue?

That list is certainly not exhaustive, not at all. Each of these women have taught me so much. They've supported me though a lot of drama and convicted me on my walk with Christ and met my confessions with compassion and grace. I've laughed and cried with them, told deep meaningful stories and shared some filthy inside jokes (play dough in Tennessee anyone?)
The women at 4 Corners help make it home. They include me and so many others so easily; when friends come to church with me they greet them enthusiastically.
I can't imagine my church without each and every one of them, yet I have had to say goodbye to some of them because they've moved to different churches (coughBobbiecough). But not matter what church they go to or how busy we all are we come together and we encourage each other to be better and to draw closer to Jesus through it all. I love these ladies so much and I feel so lucky that I get to go through life knowing them.

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Kim said...

I completely agree!!! I love the women at 4 Corners!