Productive Weekend

I had SUCH a productive weekend!

Friday Matthew graduated preschool

Saturday I worked at the bookstore 10-2ish and then went to Bobbie's baby shower. She got a lot of cute little boy clothes, I can't wait to meet their little guy!
After the shower I came home to twirl my hair and pick up a pillowcase so I could match it to some paint I was getting. Well I twirled my hair and even stared off into space for awhile...but I forgot the damn pillowcase. Which I remembered halfway to Home Depot. I realized about the same time that I hadn't changed my shirt and therefore had on a dark green shirt absolutely covered in white cat hair. My dad's head exploded from hundreds and hundreds of miles away. He just sensed I was wandering the city inappropriately dressed.

So I ended up wandering aimlessly around Home Depot for TWO HOURS. TWO HOURS! At one point, I was sitting on a $99 porch swing contemplating whether or not I should buy it...by twirling my hair. I didn't buy it, Sharen texted me off the ledge on that one. I picked out some paint colors and bought, the most glorious weed whacker/trimmer ever. EVER!

It only weighs like 3 pounds and it's electric. I had used Sharen and Jeff's once and by the time I was done I was pretty much ready to just cut my arms off it was so heavy. I picked electric, because even though the nice man at Home Depot (and Jeff, Doug, my neighbor and my dad) explained this isn't true...I'm pretty convinced that if I try to mix oil and gas I'll explode.

I picked a light sage green color to paint an accent wall in my room (I have a gray wrought ironish bed frame, gray carpet and a bright red duvet cover) and in the master bath. Then I picked a light gray (labeled pensive sky) for the hallway bath.
When I got back from Home Depot I was tuckered out. So I just went to bed.

Sunday I had Washington Project in the morning. We washed cars down the street from church and it was awesome! The people that stopped we had the most amazing conversations with.
Then it was home, for a little hair twirling break. Then I tackled my room. After lifting my bed onto the little moving buddies (these disc like things where you can just slide heavy things across the room...I couldn't find a picture of them) and moving everything around the wall I set about removing the hardware from the wall. Wellllll, in the process of removing the bracket from the curtain rod (for which I have no curtains) I inadvertently removed a large chunk of drywall...and started pealing some paint. I swear, it was just going to be a little section!

But luckily I was able to spackle my ass off and get it looking better. Here is the finished wall!

I really wanted to sleep in my room, so I set about picking up the painting sheets, vacuuming up the ridiculous amount of drywall powder and pealed off paint from the floor and moving the bed, nightstand and bookcase back into place. I was so jazzed up about painting that I ended up dusting and polishing both dresser, the night stand and the book case. I also organized them and threw a ton of crap out. Then I vacuumed the rest of my room and cleaned up the paint pans/brushes. Finally, about midnight or 1ish I turned the shower on as cold as possible and climbed in. Because frankly I was so ripe I was afraid the paint was going to leap back off the walls and flee. (Was that over sharing? I'm sorry about that)

Even though I didn't fall asleep until well after 2am I woke up on my own at 630am today. Lame!
After playing around online and continuing to get sucked into the Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon on TLC I decided to have some breakfast and get started on the lawn. I was planning on mowing and edging the lawn then painting 1 bathroom. That was a far loftier goal then needed. Thanks to my new Grass Hog weed whacker/trimmer I worked in the yard for FOUR HOURS. FOUR! That's an all time high for me. But man, I was drunk with power after using it the first time. Oh, I never knew that weed whacking could be like that! I whacked my heart out all over and edged the driveway and the sidewalks. I also cleaned off the mower in my continuing campaign to get all of the moldy and shellacked grass off the bottom of it.
It was great fun and not to hot...but I tell you, the last few striped on the side yard and I was feeling really lightheaded and about to cry I was so hot and tired!

Oh! While I was talking to Sharen on the phone, taking a break, these two teenage boys came by and offered to mow my yard! I asked them how much they charged, and they said $5! I told them I was about done today, but they should come over Saturday and I'll let them have a go. Seriously, $5? I'm totally all over that!

After mowing I ate some lunch, which solved the light headed issue. I also took the coldest and longest shower, because again, I was concerned the paint would come back off the walls. I finished up the last of Sharen's laundry that was lingering at my house and headed over to her house for a steak grill out with Sharen, Jeff, Doug and the kids.
Now I'm just enthralled with Jon and Kate. Urg, before this weekend I had never seen an episode now I've been sucked in.
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and I hope it was as productive as possible!

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Pete said...

I'm so glad you are still enjoying the convenience of the moving men as much as I still do years after getting mine. I would like to say you won't need them when I move down there, but I don't move furniture without them lol.