Good Things: September

September 1 Shananigans with Jake, Cody, Pete and Stacey and Deweys Pizza. Mmmmmm Deweys Pizza

September 2 CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! But the house sure is nice when it's clean

September 3 Coming home to a clean house is the best

September 4 Bonus at work and weird dreams

September 5 Lunch with Stacey!

September 6 Worship Concert at church

September 7 Buy ALL THE THINGS! Shopping with Sharen, Brenna and eventually Stacey

September 8 Jen singing Roar at church and hang out time with Claire. Getting to say good bye to Shadow

September 9 Fun pool games with Matthew and a good day at work

September 10 Therapy and dinner with Claire talking about how Shadow was such a good dog

September 11 No idea....I think I blacked today out

September 12 Dinner with Sharen and Matthew and leaving work mainly on time

September 13 No work and cleaning all the things 

September 14 Nice day with the whole fam damily

September 15 Happy Birthday, Matthew!

September 16 Made some nice progress on some work projects 

September 17 Girls Night Out now with more cats

September 18 New phone to play with and visiting friends

September 19 Well, the one thing I can say about the hours I've been working is that the overtime is nice

September 20 Silly night with Sharen and Matthew

September 21 Matthew as goalie and shenanigans with Stacey and Pete

September 22 Organized dresser drawers and live tweeting award shows

September 23 Mario Karting

September 24 Leaving work relatively on time

September 25 Stuffed Peppers for dinner; yum!

September 26 When the Bob Evans waitress asked Matthew if he was reading Odyssey

September 27 Ice packs & Gilmore Girls

September 28 Applefest! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

September 29 Watch ALL the Gilmore Girls

September 30 Moved back to my own desk at work!!