Good Things: August

August 1 Amber came and walked Jack with me. She's the nicest!
August 2 Today was musically awesome at work
August 3 Dog park with Stacey
August 4 Lazy Sunday with Jack
August 5 "Bad people aren't allowed to have oil paintings of themselves in their waiting rooms"
August 6 Pete fixed it so I could get "I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You" on my phone! This is my happy face!
August 7 It's a shipping miracle! Also, my boss bought us alcohol at 11am the day was otherwise so terrible
August 8 I found Life Advice Cat on twitter and my life is better. Which may be sad, but I don't care
August 9 Multiple friends sending me Cheetos coupons is awesome
August 10 Nicole came to visit!
August 11 Visiting Norman and shopping with Nicole
August 12 Breakfast with Nicole, Sharen and Matthew
August 13 Work adventures driving a rented van and delivering furniture to Covington
August 15 It's nice sitting for a calm and sweet dog when work is sucking the life out of me
August 16 Beer Fairy at work and Music Twin Roomies
August 17 NORMAN! It's bring Norman home day!
August 18 Thank you JESUS I get to move back home for more than 3 consecutive nights
August 19 Meetings with friends about Jesusy things that make my face hurt from smiling
August 20 GNO - Nice to have people to laugh with after a terrible day
August 21 Sweet blessed good night of sleep
August 22 Family night with Sharen and Matthew for the first time in weeks
August 23 Cocooning in my room and finally finishing a book that I read 2/3 of in 1 day then couldn't get back to
August 24 Friend Date Day! Now with more Norman, Sharen and Josh!
August 25 Awesome morning at church; then work. But at least no one was there to inturrupt me
August 26 Hey, apparently you CAN be productive at my job on a work day in August and not just run from fire to fire
August 27 Mario Karting with Pete and Stacey
August 28 Accidental 12 hour day means early bedtime
August 29 Leaving work as close on time as possible
August 30 Jake and Cody are here!!!
August 31 Shenanigans with Jake and Cody