Good Things: October

October 1- Fun morning hanging with Laine before heading home. Sleeping in my own bed!

October 2- Kirsten was baptized!

October 3- Dr. Mario after work

October 4- Came home sick from work, slept on the sofa and watched tv all day

October  5- Stayed home sick from work, slept and had fever dreams all day. It was....interesting

October 6- Still sick, this cold just won't quit.

October 7- Worked all day on about 3 hours of sleep, I was highly entertaining

October 8- Beauty and the Beast at the Aranoff

October 9- Lots more time on the sofa today, Dr. Mario and Netflix for the win!

October 10- Columbus Day means slow day at work, after almost 2 weeks off and non-functional this girl really needed that

October 11- Good therapy

October 12- Dr. Mario and one of the last meals in my counterless kitchen

October 13- Family Night for the first time in a long time

October 14- Started dogsitting, picked all the movies to watch this weekend on their movie channels

October 15- Movies all day long!

October 16- Beautiful day, lovely lunch with Claire and hanging at the dog park watching cute pups

October 17- Boss' Day at work was a lot of fun

October 18- Girlfriends Night Out!

October 19- The counters were installed!

October 20- Last night of dogsitting

October 21- Lovely night spent organizing the kitchen

October 22- Matthew's special day! He said as he was falling asleep he wished the day was just starting instead of ending. So adorable

October 23- Pete's home! Burgers at Amber's with much giggling!

October 24- Meal planning to cook in the new kitchen

October 25- Grocery shopping and running water/working dishwasher in the kitchen

October 26- Loooong day at work, but wine and still warm dinner when I got home thanks to my fifties housewife Pete

October 27- Family night telling remember when stories with the kids and playing dueling fart noises

October 28 - Clean sheet night!

October 29- Amber's Halloween Party! I was the bearded lady

October 30- Meatloaf balls!

October 31- Trick or Treating with Sharen, Matthew, Pete nd Doug